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indoor playground UK style themed naughty castles

Place of Origin: Guangdong, China

Brand Name: Happy Baby

Model Number: CY-T27

Type: Indoor Playground


Certificate: CE, lS09001,ECM, CNAS, IFA, CPSC, ASTM

Customized item: Theme, color, size, decorate

Product details

Product name: 2017new design indoor playground UK style themed naughty castles

Usage: Kids Indoor Play

Apply to: Shopping Mall, Super Market

Warranty: 1 Year

Age range: 5-12 years old

According to your site area, we can offeryou a reasonable project. The color and size can be customized. You can choosethe color and size you prefer. It not only can enhance the children self-confidence, but also cultivate a positive attitude. 

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Machine: +86 18027101139  Wetchat:18027101139

Address:Floor 2, zone 2, building 1, panshan entrepreneurship center, no.537

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